Bachelorette Party Games

Are you looking for a great bachelorette party game? We have the perfect solution for you! ‘That Guy Game!’ This game has been featured on ‘The Montel Williams Show’ as well as gracing the pages of InStyle Weddings and Us magazines, to name a few. The premise of this game is simple, simply deal the deck of cards out to all those attending the party, whomever finds all of the ‘guys’ featured in their hand is the winner! This is a great game even beyond the bachelorette party, my sisters and I have played it during a casual night out together, and had a blast! Its almost like a scavenger hunt, only the objects (guys) searched for are ones found stereotypically out at the bars and clubs! So drop by GirlyGirl to pick up That Guy Game, along with other bachelorette party must-haves!

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