Humor and Help, Two Books In Stock

On the heels of the smash hit movie, “27 Dresses”, we now carry ‘101 Uses For A Bridesmaid Dress’, by Cindy Walker with illustrations by Donna Mehalko. A cute and hilarious gift for your bridal party! How about a shower curtain? a taffeta hammock? a ritzy pool cover? For those girls who don’t plan on actually wearing the dress again, (not a good color for them, don’t usually wear dresses, etc.) this book offers clever and hilarious options!!

Also, if you are having trouble writing your wedding vows, we have in stock’ Your Special Wedding Vows’ by Sharon Naylor. Sharon’s book takes a fresh approach to finding exactly what you want to say to each other. This helpful guide includes a worksheet to help you get started with a large selection of traditional, non-traditional and
religious and non-religious vows. This book also offers solutions for writing vows when there are special circumstances to take into consideration.

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