Pilgrim Jewelry – Live a Charmed Life!

Pilgrim Jewelry is not only new to our boutique, it is also relatively new to the United States. Pilgrim is a Danish brand that is plated with 16 to 22 carat gold or silver. It is crystallized with Swarovski Elements, semi-precious stones and glass stones. Natural and freshwater pearls are also used. All Pilgrim jewelry is 100% nickel-free and each item is designed and handmade in Denmark. We chose Pilgrim for our customers because of the myriad of ways the Charms line can be combined. You simply chose a necklace or bracelet, then sift through the 120 plus charms we have to create your very own, one of, piece of jewelry. These playful pieces are quirky and fun, yet forever stylish. You never have to wear the same necklace or bracelet twice, simply attach the charms that suit your mood or that match your outfit, and you are good to go! We love that the same piece can be made to look dressy, and with a few quick changes, be worn with a casual look. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, we’re sure that you will find the right combination of charms to create a unique gift, the recipient will be sure to cherish – since it was created specifically with them in mind!

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